Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday memory: dancing with babies

Dancing with babies was our evening entertainment for the babies second winter. They were about 1 at the time. We would put on some silly kids music like Philadelphia Chickens and each take a baby and dance. Meg and Drew particularly like to be dipped and spun. We danced after dinner most nights in the kitchen spinning on the linoleum

As they grew older it evolved to me and sometimes my husband dancing around the kitchen with Meg and Drew. We would take turns leading the dance line around the kitchen table. They really liked the Hoppity Song and Man in a Hat. Daddy would help them do "super big jumps" during the Hoppity song.

Now Meg still likes to dance. Currently her favorite song is Damn Good Times by They Might Be Giants, which is about a girl who is a natural dancer (and fortunately the word damn is only heard in the background) Her dancing is frenetic and bouncy until the songs gets to the slower section which she calls the stomping part.

Meg wants dance lessons. In the rural area in which we live this mean ballet lessons where she will be told exactly what to do. I can't decide if she will like that or if it will make her crabby. If we do decide to do them, I hope they won't stifle her informal fun movements she does now.

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