Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now who would like some cake?

We want cake! Where's our cake? -TMBG Seven

In celebration of the 300 (or 200) blog round up
I present cake. This is my husbands birthday cake from the beginning of the month. Usually he asks for an receives sour cherry pie, but this year he wanted chocolate cake, so I made Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black Forest Cherry Cake. The decoration on top is his age, which I always label the cake or pie with. You can tell Meg helped with the chocolate decorating on the outside.

I'm relatively new to the ALI community since I found it after the loss of Drew to SUDC about a year and half ago. I have appricated all the Mel does from the Blog round up to the LCFA. Especially I appreciate that she made room for me to be the first person on the blog list with loss of a toddler rather than loss of an infant. There seem to be few groups for me since most losses I read about are earlier in the child's life or later. The ALI community has continued to support me as the grief continues, which most people in my everyday life don't like to think about.

Thank you Mel.

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