Friday, September 10, 2010

And so it begins

The semester began two weeks ago and I haven't gotten a chance to post since. I'm hoping to get back to the Monday memory once I figure out where to fit it into the day. I'm also hoping to get back to reading/commenting on other blogs.

Meg began preschool again this Monday. She was so excited to be back at preschool rather than daycare. In typical fashion she is now difficult to get to leave preschool. She wants to stay and play with all the cool toys.

Here is a picture of her first day back. She chose to wear the shirt I picked up for her at a conference. It was swimming on her in January and now it fits pretty well with room to grow. I expect she'll need the room to grow as her shoe size just changed again. Meg is standing on the play area we bought for the preschool with Drew's memorial money. I like that the picture includes something that reminds me of him as well.

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