Friday, August 13, 2010

Names Meg has called herself

Meg likes to give herself names. It all started one evening in the bath. After she had her hair shampooed she declared to her daddy that her name was "Princess Flavored Gum because that is what my hair smells like" By the next day the name had become Princess Flavored Gum Gum. This name lasted about a week and eventually it was declared that Princess Flavored Gum Gum was not only her name, but my name, my husband's name and one of her preschool teacher's name as well.

By several weeks later she was coming up with a new name every morning. She insisted that we call her by that name. We think they were partially based on what she was wearing those days, but were not really sure. I wrote quite a few of them down so here is a partial list.

Princess Flavored Gum Gum
Princess Mint Candy
Princess Sparkle Pink
Princess Sparkle Pink Frosting
Sparkle Pink Ariel (this too was the name of the whole family)
Alice (from Angelina Ballerina, her daddy was declared to be Angelina)
Princess Mermaid Candy Mint
Princess Bow
Princess Monkey Marshmallow
Flowerlight Princess Fairy
Princess Cake Princess
Princess Flowerpetal
Mommy (yes she decided to call herself Mommy)
Princess Apricot Flowerlight
Princess Zebra Candy Cane Stripe
Princess Strawberry Flower Cowgirl Snowflake
Princess Cotton Candy
Princess Polkadot Flower Cheek.

She now does this rarely. We miss it, but it is easier to call her Meg, than to have to remember the name of the day.


  1. I'm noticing a bit of a theme in the list. But shouldn't it have been "Princess Mommy?". I'm so glad that little girls can still be princesses.

    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Indeed it should be princess mommy. There was one day where she decided she was something like Polkadot Stripe Girl and we asked why no princess and she said she was a girl not a princess. This lasted only for a day though.