Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday memory: Drew in a dress

This is an apt memory for today, since Meg mentioned this morning that she dreamed of Drew wearing a purple dress and a bow tie last night. We are uncertain whether she actually dreams about Drew or if she mentions these on mornings when we seem crabby. She certainly emphasizes whatever details make up smile. By the end of the story about the dream daddy in the dream was wearing a bow tie on his dress and several on his toes.

Drew was a girly boy. He really liked wearing dresses for dress up. In fact the only reason he didn't wear Meg's dresses to school was that I claimed they were too big for him. He was always the smaller twin and was often wearing a size smaller than Meg.

I looked at Drew's dress habit as cute. Girls get the more interesting dress up clothes at that age anyway. I also hoped it meant that I wasn't raising either Meg or Drew with gender stereotypes, even though Meg is a girly girl as well. As mentioned above I didn't let him wear Meg's dresses to school, I'm not sure why I couldn't get over that. We had heard that he would be socialized out of it by kindergarten, so we were enjoying the dress wearing while it lasted

We have a slide show of pictures of Drew and most of the ones from preschool have him dressed up in a purple dress and if Meg is in the picture she is dressed up too, often in a ballerina costume.


  1. What a cute story and a cute 'dream' of Meg's.
    Why shouldn't kids get to wear the most fun dress up clothes if they want? But I was hoping for a picture :)

  2. I love it! That age where boys don't worry about wearing dresses is so cute. It is a great shame that it is 'socialized' out of them, girls do get the more interesting clothes after all. I'm sure that Drew looked very sweet in his purple dress.

    Echoes of the three princess pull-ups perhaps?

  3. Love this. And I think it does mean that you guys were doing a great job not letting them get too gender-socialized too early. And I love that Meg is so clearly still holding her brother close, whether she is really dreaming about him or talking to you about him when you seem sad. So beautiful.