Friday, February 25, 2011

Drew's day

We decided a bit ago to call the anniversary of Drew's death, Drew's day. It worked better for us than saying the rather long phrase the anniversary of Drew's death or the angelversary which didn't work for us.

So it's Drew's day. We dropped Meg off at preschool and have been to the cemetery. We'll take Meg there later and bring flowers and probably balloons if Meg comes with us to the florist shop.

Then we'll go for Mexican and eat avocados which were his favorite food in his honor. It is the best ritual we've come up with so far. That and looking at old pictures.

So here are some pictures.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hope. peace. love, and that other thing

Well I should probably update. We made it through both Christmas and Drew and Meg's birthday the day after. Neither were as bad as last year, but we were of course sad in patches.

We have started thinking about the things we can stand to do even if they suck a bit and the things that aren't worth it. Birthday party for Meg on her and Drew's birthday: worth it. Attending church during the joy Sunday of advent: not worth it. The four Sunday's of advent have themes of hope, peace, love, and joy. We can manage the first three, although church is often not easy to bear, but the last one was awful. Not that I don't have moments of joy, but Christmas isn't really about joy for me right now.

I'll write more about the birthday later I hope, assuming I'm not too busy this semester. However right now we do best when we are reasonably busy, when there is something to do and not too much time to think. I suspect it will remain this way until we make it through the anniversary of Drew's death at the end of February.