Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Halloween recap

Okay. So I've been busy at work and haven't blogged. In fact the only reason I'm writing now is that my afternoon meeting was canceled unexpectedly leaving me with unassigned time.

Halloween went okay. Nowhere near as bad as last year.

Meg was a ballerina kitty cat. She looked really cute. I knit her the ears and the fingerless gloves. By the end of the evening she had lost some of the felt off the gloves.

My husband and I walked with the large crowd of children and parents we were trick or treating with for awhile. Meg seemed like she was fully comfortable with the other kids and there were plenty of grownups, so we went and sat on our porch, handed out candy, and knitted. Meg came home exhausted from running from house to house and on a sugar buzz. We let her have one more piece of candy and then sent her to bed. She still has candy left now slightly more than a month out from Halloween.

Note the two pumpkins. We had the large pumpkin from one of our neighbors who tries to grow the largest possible pumpkin every year. After Nora and her daddy had carved it, we all looked at it and realized there should be another pumpkin. So the small pumpkin is for Drew. We eventually carved it with a happy guy face and took it out to the cemetery.


  1. Sweet Meg and sweet Drew's pumpkin! Happy belated Halloween!

  2. Love the large pumpkin! Hugs to you!!