Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday memory: the Zingo dance

We bought the kids Zingo as a present for either Christmas or their third birthday. When your kids are born the day after Christmas you sometimes can't remember which thing you decided to give on which day. Zingo was actually only rated for kinds 4 and older and they were turning three, but most games for three year olds are like candyland. The kids like them, but they are pretty dull for adults. We were hoping Zingo would be different.

Zingo was a hit. It is bingo with words and pictures. In the time between Christmas and New Years it was played by adults and kids of all ages. When Drew would win, he would dance around in a circle, pumping his arms up and down and singing "Zingo, zingo, zingo!". We called this the Zingo dance. Eventually it became a requirement that whomever won had to do the Zingo dance.

Meg will still do the Zingo dance when she wins at Zingo sometimes, but doesn't insist the other players do it. My husband and I still do in memory of Drew.

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