Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday memory: three princess pull-ups

At age 3, Drew was nowhere near potty trained. Meg had already started down that road and had alternated periods of wanting to wear big girl underpants and wanting her pull-ups back. Drew didn't care. He was happy with pull-ups. We bought both girl and boy gendered pull-ups for the twins, but it turned out they both preferred the girl ones. In particular the princess ones. In particular the princess on with three princesses on it.

The packs came with one princess and three princess designs. They would rifle in the pack to find the three princess ones. In fact Meg was so enamored of them she hid them once. I would be changing their pull-ups and announcing to Drew and Meg that we had run out of three princess pull-ups. Meg ran off so I changed Drew, who would classically say "Not right now please" when I asked to change his pull-up. After I was done Meg came running back in saying I found one, holding up the three princess pull-up proudly. After she had done this a few times, we found her stash of three princess pull-ups in the bottom of the china cabinet.

When Drew died. Meg was in underpants again, almost trained she was fully trained by summer. Drew was still wearing his three princess pull-up.


  1. "Not right now please." Priceless. Drew's little sayings are so sweet.

    I love the fact that the three princess pull-up was considered so special. I wonder why both Meg and Drew liked that particular one so much? I love the fact that they were so highly sought after that Meg had a secret stash!

    The last couple of sentences knocked the breath out of me. I've really enjoyed reading your Monday Memories, I get such a strong sense of Drew's personality and his interactions with his family, especially Meg, from them. The memories are so full of love and happiness that your reason for writing them down had almost escaped me.

    I'd almost forgotten that Drew had died and, even to me, a stranger who has very little right to be shocked or sad, the end of this piece is like a punch in the gut.

    I'm sorry seems so inadequate but it is all I have.

    I am terribly sorry.

  2. I appreciate your comments. The memories retain their sweetness, but I think death is always a punch in the gut.