Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday memory: SuperDrew and SuperMeg

So maybe I should just call this Tuesday memory, since that's when I seem to post them.

For Halloween when they were two and half, I bought superman pajamas complete with detachable capes and they were SuperDrew and SuperMeg for Halloween. I had figured that this was the last Halloween where I could pick their outfits for them and so I wanted to do the twin thing.

That was the first halloween where they really seemed to get asking for candy. In fact we made it around the block despite the weather being cold, rainy and windy. Fortunately we had bought the pajamas large so they could wear them over their clothes.

For weeks after this they wanted to wear the pajamas, which were quite large at the time, and then pretend they were SuperDrew and SuperMeg. These names for themselves had to be said in the same way Grover says SuperGrover. So it was Sup...erDrew and Sup...erMeg.

Their favorite thing to do in the Superman pajamas was sup (prounounced soup) which meant for daddy or mommy to pick them up and fly them around the room like Superman. So we did this a lot.

Meg still fits (barely) into her superman pajamas, but she is now too big to sup.


  1. Aw - they are never to big to sup, we are just too old to manage it without throwing our backs out :)

    I loved that first Halloween when Kira figured out the asking for candy thing. It was so freaking cute. She didn't even want to eat it, she just wanted people to give her stuff. She wore her costume for a long time, too. Must be a toddler thing.

  2. Ha ha. Sup . . .er Drew and Supe . . erMeg! Too cute.
    My husband will still, on occasion, attempt to sup me (and I'm not a small person!) so Jessica will be supping about for quite some time yet. Shame we don't really 'do' Halloween here in the UK, it sounds like fun.