Friday, June 4, 2010

A Meg story

It's summer and so I don't teach and try to take some time off from work.
So I've opted not to have Meg in daycare (no preschool available in summer) on Wednesday so we can have a mommy and Meg day.

The day itself was uneventful, we met her Nana (my mother-in-law) at the local farmers market, bought strawberries for jam making, went for a picnic lunch, and then shopping for garden supplies and yarn. Meg was excited to pick out yarn and cloth for the the two summer sundress, which she is now demanding I make immediately. I would like to finish at least one other project before casting something else on.

Meg has the usual 4 year old problem with boundary pushing and impulse control. I will tell her not to do something and then she will go ahead and do something close, but not quite exactly what I told her not to do. Earlier in the day she managed to find some Christmas ornaments on the mantle. After telling her not to play with them roughly she dropped them on the floor and fortunately they didn't break. I did get mad at her and then she got upset that I was mad with her as well. The usual cycle sadly.

Later in the day we were hanging out on the back porch after strawberry shortcake and I found some pieces of wire fencing sitting on the deck. They were leftover from the the garden fencing project earlier in the week. Meg saw me pick the fencing up and put it on the railing. She asked why. I said I was getting it out of the way so no one would step on it. Meg then proceeded to take the fencing and throw it in the yard and proudly exclaim that she got rid of them for me. Amused, I explained that they were sharp and shouldn't be in the yard either, so I was going to throw them away. So I made her pick them up and wanted her to bring them to me. Instead she picked them up and threw them in the compost bin, just as I was saying that they didn't go there. Meg then said in an exasperated voice "I keep doing these things today". I said with amusement "Yes, you do, you need to think first before you do things"

After giving Meg a hug, I fished the fencing piece out of the compost bin (yuck) and threw it out myself.

At least that time she was trying to help.


  1. Cute! My girl is also three and sometimes the helping is a little more than I can handle. They are so damn cute, though!

  2. The "helping" is amusing and cute, although still frustrating. At least the amusement keeps me from getting angry.