Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday memory: Drew's nicknames

In order to motivate myself to write more down and because I've been meaning to write down stories for awhile, I thought I'd write memories on Monday. Of course in classic fashion I forgot to bring my computer home from the office and so couldn't write it last night.

The Monday memories are more likely going to be short snippets of memory rather than full stories and most often will feature Meg and Drew together, since when you have twins they spend a lot of time together.

I thought I'd start by listing all of the nicknames we called Drew. We called both Meg and Drew by lots of nicknames for fun and silliness

Mr. Drew
Drewicus Maximus

At around 3 he picked up a habit of replying "No, I'm just Drewy" to any of the more silly names like Drewyfantastico. In fact I would call him that just to hear "No, I'm just Drewy"

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  1. I love all of Drew's names! And his response 'No, I'm just Drewy' is absolutely priceless.